1. "There is great storytelling in Ireland.  We’re all storytellers.  There’s a poetic soul there, I suppose.  That’s what we like to think.  For me, it is who I am and I can’t change that…"


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  2. Petyr Baelish + favourite show!quotes part1/part2

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  3. Welly, welly, welly, wall.

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    don’t talk to me about hot jawlines and jaw muscles until you get a load of cillian murphy


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  5. "I wanna like.. just fucking throw you all in a swimming pool in the best possible way."
    — Alex Turner (9/5/14)

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    my head is hurting because i thought about my future for 0.3 seconds

    you can get a headache from looking at something that bright

    This is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen on tumblr.

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    send me cute gifs of andrew pls

    here you go

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    As a projectionist, the multi-ratio decision by Wes Anderson in Grand Budapest made me so happy. Film makers should consider the ratio of their film more often (… pretty much every student film-maker I have ever met has no idea what ratio their film is in?!!)

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    "Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

    Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez



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    He had a unique and driven and asymmetrical personality – he was very high-functioning, he had great empathy levels and was especially caring and had a great affinity with children. He had this unfettered ability to communicate with people and not feel that he was constrained by the usual…


  13. When your parents say you can do the thing


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    every time i wear a band t-shirt i think someone will recognise it and we’ll talk and stuff

    but no

    The feels are real.

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